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My Greetings To You All.

The Indian Association of Forensic Odontology (IAFO) is now 10 years old.  I am honored to serve as the President during this significant and a landmark year.   I am indebted to the founder President of the IAFO,  Professor J G Kannappan who has been my Guru and mentor from the year 1983 till he attained the abode of the Almighty in the year 2010 for guiding me in every step of my professional and personal activities. I also appreciate the members of the IAFO particularly the office bearers who have helped in the consistent growth of the association and its activities during these short years.  I owe a special mention of Dr B. Sivapathasundharam, the editor of our official publication, the Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences and Dr Ashith B Acharya, the secretary of the IAFO who have through their consistent efforts is keeping the IAFO recognized globally.

 I also request good support and actions from every member  for sustaining continuous growth of the IAFO.

During this 10th year of the IAFO I am pleased that we have started giving hands on workshop in forensic odontology to dental surgeons.  We have been conducting the workshops in Dental Institutions that is actually helping the faculty to gain experience in the practical aspect of the science.  The association was started with the aim of propagating the science of forensic odontology in India.  We have been organizing annual conferences which are well attended.  We have been writing to the concerned bodies regarding the utility of the science in the deliverance of justice and in mass disasters.  We are continuously insisting the dental council of India on introducing the science as a speciality program in the dental course.  Our efforts have resulted in the introduction of the subject in the BDS curriculum.  Presently only the theoretical aspect is introduced.  Now our hands-on workshops are demonstrating that we can give practical training and I am sure the practical aspect of forensic odontology will also be soon introduced in the curriculum.  This has been the vision and an ardent desire of the founder of the IAFO Prof J G Kannappan.   He was the first person in India to organize a 3 day hands-on training in Forensic odontology  way back in 1987 in Chennai.  Hence he has aptly been awarded the title of ‘Father of Forensic Odontology in India’ by the IAFO. Though he left us in 2010, it is his blessing that is guiding the progress of the association.  
I am pleased to mention that the hands-on workshops on age estimation at Nagpur, the Bitemark Investigation, Analyses and Reporting at the Tagore Dental College & Hospital, Chennai and at CSM Medical University, Lucknow were a great success with good number of enthusiastic participants.  The participants included faculty as well as post graduate students.  There were a lot of intern who also showed keen interest in the workshops.  I thank the institutions and the members who put in their efforts and worked so diligently to conduct these workshops.  In this regard I should thank Dr Anil Singh from Sardar Patel Dental College, Lucknow, who organized the 8th national conference of the IAFO which was attended by more than 800 delegates and showed the other institutes in that region that a lot of dentists are interested in the science.
The Journal of Forensic Dental Sciences, our official publication is PubMed/Medline indexed journal.  It is available free online.  Thanks to Dr Sivapathasundharam and his editorial team in bringing out this journal of high standards regularly and on time.  I request all members to communicate your activities in the field of forensic odontology to the editor so that it can be made aware to all our other members and all those who are interested in forensic odontology globally. 
The accounts of the association are well kept by the treasurer Dr Raji Viola Solomon with the untiring help of Dr T Samraj, the  President Elect of the association.  The IAFO is also a member of the International Organization for Forensic Odonto-Stomatology (IOFOS). The news letters from this organization has been sent to our members.  This will provide an opportunity for our members to know about the activities of other forensic organization in the world. 
I once again express my gratitude to all our members for their involvement in the IAFO and I am sure we will have an excellent, progressive and eventful years ahead.

He has delivered invitation lectures in all countries of the world As Professor Kannappan is fully qualified and has distinguished life span in the field of dentistry.

Thank you.


Professor S. Balagopal MDS., MSc.
President - IAFO